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The Pink Locket — feature

My Etsy Shop Feature of the Week: Das Linoleum

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This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week feature is Das Linoleum check out these lovely prints……. Tell me briefly about your Etsy store. My store features handmade (that is, hand-drawn, hand-carved, and then hand-printed) linoleum prints. All of the images are based on experiences or ideas I have, for example, when traveling; things I see; […]

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Jewelry Feature of the Week: Bohemian Goddess

thepinklocket bead bracelet brass Etsy feature glass holiday retro shop the pink locket The Pink Locket Features vintage

This week’s jewelry feature is “Bohemian Goddess” chain bracelet.  Created out of brass and light brown sparkled beads this bracelet definitely defines Goddess.  Dangling from the 6 inch (approx. 8cm) bracelet is a brass heart( and vintage white acrylic circular pendant.  This bracelet is a must have collection jewelry piece for your fall accessories.  Retailing […]

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Calling All Etsy Crafters and Artists

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  As a fellow Etsian myself I know what a challenge it is getting your shop’s name out there and drive traffic to your store.  Last week I did a blog entry on jewelry boxes and instead of looking for an already established business that sells jewelry boxes I found a fellow Etsian and feature their […]

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