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The Pink Locket — 14kt

Jewelry Feature of the Week: Clear Crystal Chandelier Earrings

thepinklocket 14kt chandelier clear crystal earrings Etsy gold jewellry summer thepinklocket Uncategorized

The “Jewelry Feature of the Week” comes from our Spring/Summer Collection, Clear Crystal Earrings. These prisms earrings are a great all around wear.

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Jewelry Feature of the Week

thepinklocket 14kt beads blue chain coral Etsy fashion gold jewellry jewelry pink ring shop stones The Pink Locket Features trend turquoise

Wow…look at that pinky ring.  The pinky is always the “left out” finger.  Lets face it at some point or another we’ll wear rings on all the other fingers, even the thumb, but never really on the pinky.  The Pink Locket has designed that specially pinky ring for the PINK woman.  Coral and Turquoise artisan […]

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