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The Pink Locket — artwork

My Etsy Shop Feature of the Week: Das Linoleum

thepinklocket art artwork craft das linoleum Etsy Etsy Store Feature feature hand carved linoleum prints store travel Uncategorized

This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week feature is Das Linoleum check out these lovely prints……. Tell me briefly about your Etsy store. My store features handmade (that is, hand-drawn, hand-carved, and then hand-printed) linoleum prints. All of the images are based on experiences or ideas I have, for example, when traveling; things I see; […]

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Lets Celebrate the King…

thepinklocket art artwork Etsy Etsy Store Feature handmade jewellry jewelry necklace pin postcard silver wall decor

Today is the celebration of Martin Luther King Day.  As we continue on our day in remembrance of his dream and how much we are truly living his dream this day in age, I took the opportunity to skim through Etsy and found some wonderful items, here are some of my favorites.

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Etsy Store Feature of the Week

thepinklocket aceo art artwork Etsy Etsy Store Feature jewellry jewelry lady pastels pink pretty sketch wraynes den

Many of us have heard of “The Lady in Red,” well meet the Lady in Pink.  Now is the chance to decorate your life.  Wraynes Den has a unique collection of ACEOs (Art Card Edition and Originals).  My personal favorite is…well I’m sure you can guess.  Created with a combination of stamps, colored pencils and […]

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