Blue Jean Bandits

Article published at: Jul 3, 2008 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: atlanta
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These crews of bandits are really beginning to hurt small boutique businesses in Atlanta.  For the past year, many women’s and men’s boutique in the Atlanta metro area have been burglarized by these bandits, who have stolen designer jeans retailing at $200 and selling them on the black market for as low as $70.  Talk about a deeply discounted product. 


With most boutiques being hit more than once, these thefts are severely affecting the businesses and some boutique owners say if they are hit again by these perpetrators they will have to close their business. Some of the most popular brands targeted are True Religion, Rock N Republic, Citizens of Humanity, Red Monkey and Evisu.  In one hit these thieves are getting away with on average about $100,000 in merchandise.  Some business owners have had to pay to hire security guards and not mention their insurance premiums have nearly tripled.


Since I’m a solution minded person, I came up with a possible solution.  Here goes, let me know what you think….


  • Discontinue the sale of designer jeans in these boutiques and let your customers know that they are Web Exclusive items that can be ordered via your stores website and only keep samples of each size per brand in the store so that your customer will know what size to order via the web.  This will also help drive additional business to the stores site and help boost sales in a tech savvy way. 


I know it’s a great feeling as a customer to actual go into the store and walk away with the merchandise.  However, I’m one of those customers that loves to shop online and would rather make my purchase this way.


Posted by:  Kamilah C.