Holiday Soiree with Wine and Cheese

Article published at: Nov 19, 2008 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: bangles
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SHOP PINK NOV. 22nd-23rd


The Pink Locket’s ultimate “Holiday Jewelry Soiree” is going down this weekend in Atlanta by invitation.  All those interested in attending contact us at  We’re doing it a little different this year, we’ll have Chenda from Heritage Makers display the most beautiful digital scrapbooks and you’ll have a chance to create your own.  Join us for a true “Girl’s Evening.”


For those who can’t make it, join us online on Sunday, November 23, 2008 for our “Online Jewelry Soiree.” Since its holiday season we have lots of items for sale plus new jewelry pieces, so come check us out.  Each shopper will receive a free goody bag stuffed with lots of fun stuff.  So log on!


By:  Kamilah C.

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