Inspiration Comes From…

Article published at: Jan 27, 2009 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: art
All The Pink Locket

It’s hard to say exactly where my inspiration comes from since it varies from day to day.  Sometimes it may be how I’m feeling at that particular point or it can be something that I saw or a certain song that I listened to.  Things that I find very inspiring and that have helped me to create certain jewelry pieces have been the ocean, beach and tropics.  It may be that I haven’t had a vacation in a long while, so many pieces that I’ve created are either tropic inspired or relates to a sandy beach somehow.  What helps drive different inspiration for me is constantly seeking new things and never settling for  just what’s in front of me.  Exposure to different people, music, culture and art forms can always help inspire one.  It’s a way of constantly reinventing yourself and going beyond your limits.