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Article published at: May 5, 2009 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: accessory
All The Pink Locket

We hear other women say all the time, “I can’t live without my blackberry,” or
“Damn—I forgot my cell phone at home—what am I going to do.”  Fashionista have become so equipped and dependent upon cell phones, PDAs, iPhones and etc;  I was surfing on my Touch the other day and downloaded an application from Lucky! magazine that I thought was so useful and ingenious.  This application allows the fellow fashionista to surf the picture archives of the many accessories, apparel and shoes that is featured in the current issue of Lucky! magazine and gives the location, price and availability of the product.  You can even reserve the merchandise and just pick up at the store.  I was even able to make a purchase right on my Touch.  Digital devices just make it so convenient for one to get what they want when they want.

Even Sony unveiled the cute and clever “clutch,” which I thought was a clever idea indeed.  In fact if I didn’t have a Mac I probably would have broken down and purchased one just because of its cuteness.  Adding the cherry to the top of the sundae, Sony stores nationwide sent out a e-letter to fellow fashionistas invited them to their stores for a “Girls Night Out,” to test out the little clutch device.  Also if you haven’t seen Vivienne Tam’s clutch design from HP, it’s also definitely a plus.


Let’s also not forget about social networking sites like Twitter which is also a trend among the digitally savvy fashionista.  My newest fix however is