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With all the sad news about MJ, one of my childhood icons, I totally bypassed the opportunity share the greatness of my trip to New Orleans.  Of course, when I got there my friends and I were bummed about the passing of the great Michael Jackson.

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With all of that we decided to hit Bourbon Street and get feel for this culture rich city.  Besides for the drunken people roaming the middle of the French Quarters and running into some random bartender who swore up and down she knew me since high school—it was a great venture.  I tried beijnets for the first time at Cafe au Monde and they were soooooo delicious.

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The French Quarters were filled with so many cute clothing and jewelry boutiques.  As we strolled along the quarters it actually reminded me a lot of Paris.  Lunch at Muriels was unexplainable—rich and succulent food to die for.  My Seafood Gratin was more than just “yummo,” as a friend of mine would say.  Lets not even talk about the crawfish—talk about the real Nawlins experience.

NO_Balcony at Muriels

NO_posing like the flapper
We even got a chance to see the other side of Louisiana by taking a trip across the longest bridge ever—the Causeway.  It was the most beautiful ride across a bridge, seemed so serene and peaceful.

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The trip seemed so short, so my friends and I agreed that the next trip may need to be extended 2 extra days :-)

~Kamilah C.

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