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This is a big topic for many crafters.   A lot of times we do giveaways and donations to organizations and events.  Although, many of my handmade crafters see this as a great deed, sometimes it may be a hit or miss as far as gaining new business.   Personally, I’m almost always willing to do giveaways and donate items and I always give my BEST item or create pieces especially for these functions.  Handmade News posted a great article on this and included ways to be creative about it so that donating and giveaways can be potential new business for you.  Check it out!

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Get Recognized by Donating Items

August 04, 2009 | By Kristin Vogeler

Many of us simply don’t even think about these methods of advertising, but don’t ever overlook them again! Here’s the scoop: donate items for gift bags, door prizes, auctions, and raffles. Raffles and auctions in particular are great because you can be certain that the advertising is spent on customers who like your product or service.

If you’re unsure how to get into the loop, it’s easy! Skim through local papers and magazines for any events or festivals that are doing raffles and such. Consider joining a team-you can be the first to hear about any upcoming donations. Some local teams will let you donate items even if you aren’t a member. Also, donate to the same events year after year to save time finding places to donate your items.

A common problem I see with donations is when people donate “destash” items or items they don’t want anymore. Don’t do this! I know it can be hard to giveaway brand new items you put money into or items you like, but it’s worth it in the end-if you don’t even like the item, your customers definitely won’t either! You want items that are are going to grab attention, not turn off viewers.

You can even advertise to people who don’t bid on your items at auctions or buy tickets for raffles by setting out business cards by your items. The hosts of most events will even most likely set them out for you if you won’t be attending the event. Another great way to advertise is to attach a coupon to the back of all items you donate; it is a great way to make a sale!

These methods of advertising are sure ways to get your name out there, and probably get you sales in the future. Get out in your community and do what you can to get noticed. Remember, use your better items, send out business cards with them, and attach coupons-everyone loves a discount!

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