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Haiti Still Needs Your Help

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Several weeks have passed since the earthquake in Haiti.  I remember my mother called me to ask if I heard the news that day.  I had just came home from work and was outside walking my dog and rushed back inside to turn onto CNN. Words cannot describe the sadness and disbelief that ran through my head.  Watching the rubble, shattered buildings, and people in the streets was enough to bring tears to my eyes.  I could only ask myself “why?”

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do my part to help the people of Haiti.  Being from the Caribbean myself, I felt a strong sense of responsibility.  I donated to Yele and even bought supplies and gave to a church which sent supplies to the country.  I still felt that it wasn’t enough.  That’s when I decided to use my talent to help even more.  For the month of February, The Pink Locket, will be donating 50% of all its sales to Yele’s Haiti Earthquake Fund.  Any item purchased during this month on The Pink Locket’s Etsy Shop site, 50% of the sales from jewelry will be donated.  Help The Pink Locket reach it’s goal of $200 in donation.

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