How Often to Relist on Etsy?

Article published at: Jul 9, 2010 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: bill
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I think this is one of the most frequently asked questions from sellers on Etsy, “How often should you re-list?”  Well in my opinion that depends on you and you shop’s peak activity.  Many see relisting as a form of advertising or promoting.  It is only 20 cents to renew and list items, but how often is too often.

Every month I download the csv file of my Etsy bill to see what items have been purchased and which ones have been renewed.  It becomes cumbersome to go through each item to see how many times an item has been relisted and compare it to other months that same item has been relisted.  Basically, I need a way to keep track of the profitability of items sold or not sold easier.  For instance,  I listed this ring in June for $28, since then it’s been renewed at least 3 times.  Lets say it doesn’t sell until August, but it  is relisted this month twice.  I can add up in my head that the cost of relisting this item is $1.00, but how do I keep track of this for over 40 items.  In a nutshell, if there’s anyone that can help me come up with an excel formula for this, where I can just drop my monthly Etsy bill into an Excel sheet and it’ll automate..I OWE YOU BIG TIME :)