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Article published at: Jul 29, 2010 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: angela burt-murray
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I’m going to give my two cents (literally) on this whole controversy and be done with it.  Essence’s decision to appoint Ellianna Pracas, who happens to be Caucasian, to Fashion Editor of the magazine in my opinion was great strategic move.  Sure, many in the black community are outraged, planning to boycott the publication and so on, saying that the fashion industry is already overwhelmingly white, but isn’t this true for many other industries as well.  I don’t hear of anyone boycotting those industries for that reason.  Clearly Pracas was appointed to this position because she’s been successful at other publications.  Personally, I think we as a people put too much emphasis on race.  I’m just sick and tired of everything being called a “racial” issue, when we have so many other issues in our community that need to be addressed with proactive solutions.  Essence magazine does a good job at making awareness of these same issues.  However, are those same issues surfacing to the fore front of Twitter and Facebook?

I grew up reading Essence and still do to this day.  Over the years the magazine itself has evolved so much and I’m excited to see what Pracas’ does with fashion in the upcoming issues of the magazine.  Oh and here is some “food for thought” where were these same “outraged people” when Essence magazine was 100% acquired by Time, Inc. a few years back or better yet how about where were they when Bob Johnson sold BET to Viacom?  Last time I checked Time Inc., and Viacom weren’t black owned companies…

I’ll apologize now to any of my friends’ toes I may have stepped on—I still love ya, but this is MY opinion.