Giving Chance a Chance…

Article published at: Dec 22, 2010 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: cocker spaniel
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Chance on his way from PetSmart

On his way to the Vet

Six months ago when my husband try to convince me that we should get another dog all I could do was SMDH.  The thought of Puppy Training 101 (mostly the potty training part) brought back the memories of puppy pee pads, chewed up furniture, cords and doors (yes–doors) which came back to haunt me.  Of course now our little Chloe is the best dog ever, so you can say the training paid off.  We have just welcomed a new pup into our home, meet our Cocker Spaniel named Chance.  So far we know he likes sticking his head out the window while driving and he’s extremely playful.