What should I delegate?

Article published at: Mar 1, 2011 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: advice
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This is a relatively common question for many entrepreneurs, whether they are artsy or not.  In the beginning, as entrepreneurs we try to do it all from designing our logo to designing the actual product. This often leads to wearing ourselves thin not to mention spreading our time over many different duties.  However, there comes a time when time management is of an essence.  Lets face it, most entrepreneurs in their start up phase are still working a full time job, have a family, need their “me” time and not to mention just regular run of the mill everyday duties.

Time management is a key element to any successful business, whether big or small.  Sometimes, it is necessary to delegate tasks to others.  Okay, so as a startup you don’t have anyone to delegate things to right?  Well, let’s look at your marketing efforts.  You think you’re doing everything you’re supposed to right? You have a website, a blog even a Twitter and Facebook page.  Those tools can be helpful, if you know your market.  That’s where a freelance marketing specialist can help.  Fees may vary, but someone who specializes in this area could really help you make your time more effectively spent.  Maybe your even looking to re-design your logo, well why not seek out a graphic designer who can help you with that.  It’s all about working smarter and not necessarily harder.

Stanford University has a great podcast series called “Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders” on iTunes.  One of the series called “Unlearn Your MBA” David Heinemeier Hansson discusses starting up his business, spending only 10 hours a week. Now he stresses that during those 10 hours you must be productive, but it can be done.