Etsy Store Feature of the Week: A Helping Hand Bag

Article published at: Mar 2, 2011 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: a helping hand bag
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iPad Sleeve

This week’s Etsy Store feature is Kathy from A Helping Hand Bag.  Take a walk through Kathy’s inspirations and creative process….

Tell me briefly about your Etsy store. 
I sell handbags, wristlets, and gadget sleeves.  I design bags that are unique and well made. I like creating fun and functional handbags.

What is the story behind your craft?
The idea started with my dislike of anything with a designer label. I’m not impressed by “designer” handbags made by children in foreign countries.  I wanted to find a way to use my sewing talent to donate to charitable causes.  A helping hand bag is about how a label can mean so much more.
What are your greatest inspirations?
I like really functional bags and I love fabric.  I get inspired by color and design in fabric and how I can use it on a bag.

What gets you going creatively?
I absolutely love to sew. Now when I watch my hands sewing, I think about places in the world I’ll never go to where I might be able to help.