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Etsy Store of the Week: Pilous Percilla and All Night Diner

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Twin Peaks Dale Cooper

This week’s pick for Etsy Store of the week is Amanda from Pilous Percilla and All Night Diner

Tell me briefly about your Etsy store
Both Pilous Percilla and All Night Diner offer hand embroidered art, mainly in the portrait format.  Our patterns are all originals created by Mr. Flex AKA James.  Pilous Percilla concentrates on classic sideshow performers of the circus and All Night Diner is our place for everything else we love…musicians, film and TV and more!

What’s the story behind your craft?
I (Amanda) have embroidered off and on for years…usually making ironic onesies and “subversive” wall hangings for friends.
In November of 2010 James gifted me with another of his hand-drawn cards (typically of my favorite things…animals in people’s clothes, owls in arm chairs and circus-themed images) this one featured General Tom Thumb and I immediately proclaimed that it would be a fun image to embroider! James made up a pattern and transferred it onto fabric for me and that was it. We started making lists of all the awesome people/items we would like to make into embroidered art and decided to start an etsy shop and try sharing our work.

What are your greatest inspirations?
Music, film, television, books, the circus

What gets you going creatively?
We really feed off of each other and are always bouncing around ideas for new work.  James and I both get really excited to start new patterns and we are eager to see where our little shops can go!

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