My Etsy Store Pick of the Week: My Lovely Suitcase

Article published at: Mar 30, 2011 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: apparel
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drawing journal

vintage samsonite navy travel case

vintage samsonite navy travel case

Tell me briefly about your Etsy store:
I sell a variety of things in my shop both vintage and handmade. In the vintage section you can find things such as cameras, travel cases and clothes while in the handmade section you can find journals, garlands, confetti, tags and much more.
What’s the story behind your craft?
My story is a creative mess that was and still is taking over the floor of my bedroom haha. I thought that having an Etsy shop would not only be an option for extra money but also would be an enjoyable one and well yes it would also be an excuse for why I have such a mess on my floor…
What are your greatest inspirations?
Well I would say other Etsy shops for sure as well as blogs.
What gets you going creatively?
I find myself in creativity block all to often, the best I can do for that is just start creating anyway. Even if it’s bad it gets me creating and eventually end up making wonderful things to restock my shop with.