By thepinklocket on 2011-11-13

Article published at: Nov 13, 2011 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: baby
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I’ve been on quite a hiatus for the past two months, but it’s with good reason.  Since little man decided to make his grand appearance 3 weeks earlier than planned, I’ve been living and breathing motherhood with a newborn.  I can finally understand when I hear other mother’s say that this is the greatest challenge, but most rewarding thing they’ve ever done.  Check out some pics of my little pumpkin.

We have lots in store on our “Pink Agenda” this month.  Time to get that Holiday shopping out of the way.  Stay in the  loop with our Holiday sales, starting with Black Friday.  Just follow me on twitter, as I will be tweeting coupon codes for our Etsy shop and sale start times!