I Feel Naked Without My Earrings, How About You?

Article published at: Feb 15, 2013 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: bracelet
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There are selected days where I will run out of the house and forget my earrings.  Not only will my sister, Miss Mikelah of Style and Vibes, blatantly point it out, but I feel naked without them.  It’s  the one added jewelry piece that makes a huge difference in your well put together daily outfit.  Don’t believe me?  Try removing your earrings and look in a full length mirror, then add them back.  See a difference don’t you?  I remember one day I was at work and realized that I forgot to put earrings on that morning.  You know what I did on my lunch break?  I went out and bought not one pair, but 2 pairs (thank God for working only a few blocks from the Fashion District) and kept one as a back up in my handbag–a trick I learned from little sis!

We’re taking a poll.  Which jewelry piece is a MUST have everyday, even if you forget anything else?