What’s Your Style? In Ten Minutes or Less

Article published at: May 7, 2013 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: contest
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Do these comments sound familiar?  “I love her style” “That fits her, but it wouldn’t fit me” “I’m not crazy about that dress” “I’m not sure I’d wear that”  There are different aspects to each one’s style, that’s what makes us each unique, whether the newest eye candy bracelet or your Grandmother’s wedding ring.

As a mom on the go, I know how important style is, but I also know how easy it is to get caught up in busy schedules and everyday life so getting  “pretty and prepped” everyday needs to be done in ten minutes or less.  Here are some cute ModMom looks that take 10 minutes or less to replicate.

My philosophy is true style is more about how one “feels” about themselves, if they feel absolutely great about themselves it’ll “show” in their appearance.  CLICK TO TWEET

So whether it’s throwing on a scarf that you love or wearing a lovely set of bangles or maybe it’s that perfect statement ring, take a few minutes each day to show your personal style in your look.  Remember simple goes a long way and it’s about making yourself feel good!

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