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My New Hot Pink Suede Flats

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Hot Pink Flats

Most women are shoe whores, especially me.  However, I get super excited when I find a cute pair of shoes that are comfortable.  As women we know that a lot of time what’s “cute” isn’t necessarily comfortable or functional even.  I saw these pink and orange flats on the Nine West site and was hesitant at first since most pointy toe flats are never really comfortable to begin with.  So I scrolled over to the reviews and it got really good ones.  So I figured what the heck, let’s buy these!  When they arrived I immediately tried them on.  I was even more elated when I was able to walk around in them and not have to “break them in.”  Now I wish I bought the blue pair too!  They are a very true fit, so no need to buy a size smaller or larger.  These are a definite “buy” so go ahead and purchase a pair before they run out of your size!!!

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