3 Ways to Lessen Tarnish on Your Metal Jewelry

Article published at: Sep 18, 2013 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: brass
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PINK Glory Ring

Most of us wear some sort of metal jewelry on a daily basis.  Whether it’s your favorite silver necklace or cute silver stud earrings, there’s one thing we all HATE…it’s the dark gray stuff called tarnish.  Now if you wear your metal jewelry daily, it’s a good idea to clean it every now and then, I recommend every 3-4 months.  There’s no 100% way to prevent tarnish, it happens to all metal jewelry pieces, but there are ways to slow down the tarnishing process.  Here are 3 easy and inexpensive ways to help lessen the tarnish on your jewelry pieces.

1.  Anti-Tarnish Strips or Cloth

Anti Tarnish Strips

Anti Tarnish Strips

These are a wonderful low cost investment.  You can purchase either the strips or the cloth and line your jewelry box.  I personally prefer the cloth since I have my jewelry stored in various jewelry boxes.  Be sure not to wash the cloth–it will lose its anti-tarnishing properties if you do.  You can also use these strips and cloth on sterling silver, silver plate, brass, copper and bronze metal jewelry.

2.  Zip lock plastic bags

Zip plastic jewelry bags

You can go right to your kitchen pantry or cupboard to get these.  However, I like the smaller ones which you can pick up at Michaels or Walmart.  It’s a good idea to store 1 item of jewelry per a bag.  Be sure that you squeeze all the air out of the bag when zipping the bag closed.

3. Clear top coat nail polish

Wet N Wild Clear Top Coat

This should NOT be used on your fine silver or sterling silver jewelry.  I only use this on my brass, copper and bronze jewelry.  Be sure to use nice thin coats and you can apply 2-3 times.  As far a re-applying, it depends on how often you wear your metal jewelry.  If you wear your jewelry on a daily basis, you can reapply every 2 months or so.

I hope these easy tips work for you.  Do you have any great tips on cutting down tarnish on your jewelry?  Leave a comment–would love to hear from you.  Be sure to follow my blog or get added to my list for more great jewelry tips and other neat tidbits.