Quick Jewelry Fix With Items From Your Makeup Bag

Article published at: Oct 18, 2013 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: DIY
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It has happen to all of us.  We got up, got dressed, did our make-up and accessorize with jewelry then beeline out the door.  Then well into our day (I’m just going to say around lunch time), you grab your coat to head out for a break and your necklace snags on the collar of your coat and breaks.  It seems like the only option is to just take the darn necklace and slide it into a compartment in your handbag.  Well ladies here’s a little trick I picked up that will literally take you 45 seconds and your makeup bag.  If you have a tweezers and nail clipper in your make-up bag then you’re all set!  Now this is JUST a quick fix and I do not recommend making a habit of fixing your jewelry with a nail clipper and tweezers, especially if those are tools you use regularly since it will make you tools dull.   If you want  you can purchase a separate set just for quick fixes.  Hope you enjoy this tip.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel and blog from future tips.