A Piece of Me – My Sketchbook

Article published at: Nov 12, 2013 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: art
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Last month I had a wonderful opportunity to attend Blogalicious 5.  Not only was I amazed by all of the wonderful bloggers that I got a chance to meet and chat with, but I was even grateful enough to hear some really great keynote speakers.  One of the speakers that really gave me a great breath of fresh air was Hamilton Brown, Sr. Marketing Director from Taco Bell.  He spoke about connecting to your brand, being transparent–human, making people connect to your brand.  Well, how do you do this?  He said, “Share those things that are intimate to you.”

My sketchbook, is probably the most intimate tool that I have when it comes to designing my jewelry.  So intimate most people (including my family) probably don’t even know that I have one.  It’s one of those things that as an artist you can always turn to to flesh out ideas in your head, the contents in it may not make any sense, but who cares it’s still yours and all that matters is that it makes sense to you, right?!  This is what I tell myself at least.  So today I’m opening up and letting you in.  I hope you enjoy the peek into My Sketchbook.  Feel free to leave me comments or follow my blog.



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