Holiday Gift Guide

Article published at: Nov 20, 2013 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: black friday
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The Pink Locket's Holiday Gift Guide

In this year’s Holiday Gift Guide from my Etsy store, I’ve combined some of the top favorites as well as a few new items.  They make wonderful stocking stuffers or even wonderful “just a little something” gift.  Also, remember there’s FREE Shipping, FREE Gift Wrapping along with a FREE Personal Note :)

1.  LOVE Necklace– This is a favorite of many!  Most of my customers choose to personalize it by adding there name which is done at no additional charge.  Price $20

2. Gold Green Quartz Studs – Great everyday stud earrings.  Classic enough to wear with other jewelry, but also works perfect by itself. Price $17

3.  Navy Blue Gold Coin Ring– The unique thing about this painted ring is it is one of many coins collected on a foreign adventure in either Mexico, Bahamas, London, Paris or Hong Kong. Price $25

4. Silver and Gold Engraved Pendant Necklace – A new addition to our personalized jewelry collection, can’t go wrong with a customized gift this holiday. Price $40

5. Zodiac Constellation Earrings – One of our newest earring collection called Zodiac, the one pictured is Aquarius who are know for being Humanitarians, Honest and Eccentric.  See listing for all Zodiac signs. Price $30

6. Wintergreen Distress Metal Dangle Earrings – Part of our Holiday Flavors Collection, also available in Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice and Blueberry Brulee, hungry yet? Price $30

7.  Geometric Floating Copper and Silver Cuff Links for Men – This is a very popular piece, especially during the holiday.  Copper wire is geometrically shaped in a circular swirl giving a floating effect on the silver cuff link. Price $17