Almond and Brown Sugar Body Scrub

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Almond Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This is my first post of the new year, so hopefully you’ve had a Happy New Year so far.  I’m trying something new this year on my blog, every Monday is going to be “Make It Monday.”  My Monday posts will feature simple and easy DIY projects that relate to food, beauty, fashion, home decor or anything really.

A few months ago I was listening to one of my favorite podcasters, Marie Forleo and she interviewed Vani Hari of Food Babe.  In the interview Vani revealed 5 Surprising Foods You Shouldn’t Eat  To my surprise one of them was store bought almond milk.  Majority of almond milk (including soy milk) contains Carrageenan which has zero nutritional value and is used in various products to thicken foods and as an emulsifier.  You can read more about Carrageenan here at Dr. Weil’s site.  Last week I decided to make my own almond milk and not only did it taste delicious it was pretty easy to make.  The leftovers of the almond milk were finely grated almonds which I thought would make a GREAT body scrub.  After mixing up a concoction and trying it on my skin, the results were soft and moisturized skin.  It’s beneficially to exfoliate twice a week, it helps to get rid of dead skin, detoxifies, and helps to improve skin tone.

Here’s the recipe I used, of course add in whatever essential oils that tickle your fancy.  I’ve even included a chart that describes the benefits of each of the ingredients I used!  I decided to store mine in the refrigerator in a glass jar and just scoop out the amount I need whenever I want to use it.  Once you’ve tried it, please drop me a comment on your experience I would LOVE to hear!  Don’t forget to follow my blog for more great ideas and tips.

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