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Article published at: May 21, 2014 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: amy porterfield
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Every now and then I like to post business tips and advice that I find helpful and invaluable.   We live in such a content driven society where information is being shoved down our throats so fast that it’s hard to think about and digest it all.  This is the reason why I’m so selective of the contest I take the time to read.  Let’s face it, we all have a “busy” schedule.  These individuals and sites are ones that I refer to on a regular basis because it aligns with what I’m trying to accomplish not only with The Pink Locket, but just career wise and life in general.

Marie Forleo’s Interview with Dr. Ned Hallowell

First let me just say I’m such a fan of Marie, I was introduced to her through listening to podcasts from Amy Portfield (who I mention below).  If you’ve never heard any of Marie’s content–you need to start.  This interview with Dr. Hallowell is called “Why Smart People Underperform” and the title says it all.  Dr. Hallowell gives simple advice that you can use now to perform better, even if you think you’re not underperforming…listen to this interview!


Amy Porterfield’s Podcast “Video Marketing Tips and Tricks With Caleb Wojcik”

Amy is another favorite of mine.  Her podcasts have helped me to tackle Facebook Marketing in a completely different way.  In this particular podcast with Caleb Wojcik, Caleb gives great tips on things to help you improve your video marketing.  I download Amy’s podcast and take on the road with me so that I can listen to them while driving (time management down to a science).   Then I go back to her show notes that list all the tools mentioned in the podcast.



Slideshare’s Influencer Marketing Ideas from Influential Marketers

Remember that “content” I spoke about earlier.  Now you can hear it from influential marketers themselves.  How do we sift through all this content that brands bombard us with?  We remember the ones that standout right?  Why is that?  How can we take those examples and cultivate it to make it our own for our own brands.  Check out this Slideshare!