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What’s Your Dad’s Style? Sporty, Casual, Simple or Modern…

thepinklocket Style

Some Dads are easy to buy for others are not.  Growing up we never knew what to get my Dad for Father’s Day.  However, over the years shopping for my Dad has become much easier.  He’s usually cool with a good jazz CD or a simple pair of cuff links believe it or not.  So why the heck did it take me over 30 years to realize that??  Who knows…

As we approach Father’s Day we’ve searched and searched for some really great gifts for Dad and we’ve found many under $100. Whether your Dad’s style is simple, casual, sporty or modern all of these will make a great gift for every style.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Father’s Day giveaway, you could be the lucky winner of a pair of Geometric Cuff Links.

Cool Dad With Style


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