Who’s Your Favorite TV Dad? Dr. Huxtable, Daddy Pope, Walter White and More…

Article published at: Jun 4, 2014 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: bill cosby
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In little over a week we’ll be celebrating our Fathers.  Hopefully you’ve already bought your Father’s Day gift or planning on it, if not let me help you out….here you go (smile)!  Although Father’s Day isn’t as popular as Mother’s Day, it is just as important.  In my eyes it’s a celebration of the foundation of  family.   Growing up I have many different memories of my dad, of all the memories the ones that stick out were our yearly summer breaks visiting Fort Wayne, Indiana or “corn country” as we use to call it!  As a matter of fact if I had describe my dad to I would say he was a cross between Bill Cosby and Daddy Pope.  He can be funny at times with his creative parenting style, but when he means business he means business.

If you had to describe your Dad’s personality to a TV Dad who would you say that your Dad more closely reminds you of?  Take our poll!

Before you vote take a look at some of the video clips of our favorite TV Dads below-just click on the images.

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Dr. Huxtable was known for his humor and eye catching sweaters. His facial expressions would make you crack up laughing, but his seriousness was just that serious. He had “creative” ways of teaching his kids a lesson. Remember the episode when they taught Theo about the “Real World” ?

Yes it’s Walter White! He was a science genius geek at heart. He wanted the best for his family even if it meant…well you know! He went from geek teacher to being respected as “Heisenberg.”

It’s Daddy Pope! He may live a secret life and may even let you think that he has absolutely NO clue what you’ve been up to, but little do you know Daddy knows EVERYTHING! However, Daddy Pope will still go toe to toe with anyone who messes with you and will be so secretive about it that you won’t even know it was him.

George Lopez your Mr. Comedian Dad, in fact you have a hard time knowing when he’s serious. He’ll make you laugh even when he doesn’t mean to. His gestures and facial expressions make you laugh even on the inside when he’s giving you your punishment.

You can call him Uncle Phil or Daddy (RIP). He may love the Ritz Carlton and Bentleys, but he still means business. Need help with something? He’ll handle it for you. Good ol Uncle Phil.