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Fall and Holiday Peek

thepinklocket chain ring Collections copper fall jewelry gold brass handmade jewelry holiday jewelry collection jewelry Jewelry Process metal ring pyrite stacking rings Style

Within the next few days I’ll be posting the new fall and winter/holiday collection. For my fall collection my inspiration came from the idea of simplicity, but uniqueness and how to infuse both of those ideas.  Loving the way geometric shapes look I found a way to blend into something simple with a bit different.  I’m completely addicted to things that are textured.  It gives a little edge to something that’s modern.

Copper Stacking Rings


As for the Holiday collection I wanted something more shimmery, but still with a little modern edge.  I decided to try out using pyrite, also know as fool’s gold.  It has such a shimmer to it that I love, plus I think it looks great against the antique brushed brass.

Pyrite Chain Ring

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