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Article published at: Oct 8, 2014 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: Etsy
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When people ask where I get my inspiration from when creating jewelry designs I draw a complete blank and am at a loss for words.  I could say “I draw inspiration from the shapes of the clouds” or “the colors of sunset” (sounds nice and deep right?), but that wouldn’t be completely true.  To be honest majority of my inspiration comes from my customers. I pay attention to what items sell, what colors are purchased, the feedback they give, the suggestions that they make and pictures they send me wearing the jewelry they’ve purchased from me.  That’s the real deal inspiration for me.  I could sit here all day and draw inspiration from external sources and create something lovely, but if my customers don’t love it then what’s the point.

One of item that received much attention from my customers is the Gold Brass Envelope Necklace below.  It’s one of the designs that I have continuously worked on to make it my “own” over time.  Every time I’ve sat down to create a modified version to it I found my self making it more and more personal.  Recently I took a completely different angle when designing the newest modified version of it (3rd picture).  I even added a little “textured” look by hammering it a bit.  This version comes hanging from a 14kt gold filled chain to give it a more timeless appeal.  Since I’m all about personalizing I even added a hand stamped option in the listing.  Hope you like you.

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Gold Envelope Necklace