Make It Monday: Gold Midi Chain Ring

Article published at: Feb 9, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: chain ring
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DIY Style Gold Midi Chain Ring

I’m in love with midi rings, especially gold midi stacking rings.  I haven’t come up with really cool design just yet, but when I do you’ll see it in my Etsy store.  For today’s Make It Monday I’m going to show you how to create a simple chain midi ring.  If you are a DIY and style craft-a-holic like I am then you may already have the tools that you’ll need.  Be sure to sign up to my list so that you can receive more DIY Style tips, my jewelry collection additions, and more cute things delivered to your inbox.

Materials: – Chain approximately 1 ½ inches long – Jewelry wire (18 or 20 gauge) – 2 small jump rings – String – Highlighter or ring mandrel – Wire cutters – Round nose pliers – Flat nose pliers

Midi Stacking Rings Steps 1 and 2

1. First measure the finger that you want to wear the ring on. Using a string measure the top part of your finger and cut the string where it meets on your finger. Then measure the base part of the same finger and cut the string where it meets.

2. Using the two pieces of string measure your jewelry wire adding about ¼ inch to the length.

Midi Stacked Rings Steps 3 through 4

3. Take the highlighter and bend wire around it to create a ring shape. You may have to remove the ring from the highlighter to get a tighter ring.

4. Using your round nose pliers you are going to loop the ends of the wire.

Chain Midi Rings Steps 5 through 6

5. Ben the loop of each end of the wire upward.

6. Carefully open your jump rings using your round nose pliers.

Midi Chain Ring Steps 6 to 7

7. Loop one end of your chain then connect it to one of your rings and close the jump ring. Do the same thing for the bottom end of the chain and connect to the other ring.

8. Slide ring on finger and make minor adjustments by slightly squeezing rings for a tighter fit.