Make It Monday: Studded Shoe Clips

Article published at: Mar 9, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: DIY
All The Pink Locket

When I originally heard of the idea of shoe clips all I could think about were those annoying clips that we use to have to wear on our shoes, that would bother the tops of my feet and couldn’t wait to take them off.  Then I began to discover a whole new love for them when I realized I could create shoe clips that I liked and not just some generic ones from the 80s (not that there’s anything wrong with those–just not for me).   Plus these make a great addition to your spring flats.

In this DIY I’m going to show you how to create your own shoe clips, you may even become addicted and start making several.

Shoe Clip Steps 1 and 2

  1.   Using a toothpick apply E-6000 (or glue from glue gun) on the top of the alligator clip.
  1.  Apply one of your largest rhinestones to the top of the alligator clip.

Shoe Clip Steps 3 - 5


  1. Now apply the smaller rhinestones to the bottom of the alligator clip. Allow the glue to dry partially and open the clip to remove any excess glue on the inner part of the clip.
  2.  Repeat the same steps for the 2nd alligator clip.
  3. When you’re done you’ll have something that looks like this.