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Article published at: Mar 23, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: art event
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I have some WONDERFUL news,  I was scouted by an organization called RAW: Natural Born Artists for an upcoming showcase they are having in Atlanta.  Many of you are probably saying to yourself “What is RAW?”   In a nutshell, RAW is a global organization that brings together indie artists, that they have handpicked,  in the areas of fashion, film, art, music, photography, makeup artistry and many others to perform or showcase their work in one of many international shows.

On Sunday, April 19th I’ll have a pop up shop with my jewelry at their showcase and I’m inviting you to attend.  It’ll be an evening of fun.  There will be indie musicians performing, fashion designers who will debut their new collections, artists with their newest art pieces.

Part of my contribution for the showcase is to sell 20 tickets at $15 each by April 12th, which goes towards my participation entry fee for the showcase.  As a thank you, anyone who purchases a ticket will also receive a free pair of my metal dangle earrings as a “Thank You.”  So even if you are not in the Atlanta area and you decide that you want to purchase a ticket, you’ll still receive your free pair of earrings as my thank you to you.  Here’s the link to my page for tickets: