Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Article published at: Apr 29, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: Etsy
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Every Mother’s Day I try to buy my mom keepsake and memorable gifts, as do most people.  There’s just something about a personal gift that makes it great.  Now my mom is the type if you ask her she’ll tell you, “Buy me a bottle of perfume,” she’s a perfume lover for sure.  My sister and I are always like, you must want something else.  This Mother’s Day I’ve added a new jewelry piece to my personalized jewelry collection, check out my new two tone initial disc pendant necklace.  It’s so lightweight and looks great layered with another delicate necklace.

Gift Ideas for Mom


If going the personalized route is not your Mom’s thing, maybe she’s a fashion forward lover.  In that case my array choices of statement rings also make great gifts.

Mother's Day Promo jewelry



Be sure to check out my Etsy shop for more gift ideas for your mom. Remember there’s free shipping on orders over $25 and the deadline to place your Mother’s Day Order is May 3rd.