My Favorite Spring Flat Shoes

Article published at: May 15, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: cute flats
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We all know a few nice pair of flats are closet must haves year round.  I usually don’t buy flats that are too expensive for the simple fact that by the following year I need to replace them.  However, over the years I have learned that if there is one thing you should invest in it is your shoes and comfort is a must (especially with flats).

On one of my Target trips one day I decided to peruse the shoe section to check out their selection of flat shoes.  I was blown away by the selection, then I started trying them on to see how comfortable they were.  Now there are two types of shoes I refuse to “wear in” and those are sneakers and flats.  I came up with a rating system to rate the ones I loved below:

Brand: Brand’s Name

Cuteness: Scaled 1 through 5. (1 being not very cute and 5 being beyond cuteness)

Comfort: Scaled 1 through 5. (1 being bunion city and 5 being very very comfortable)

Price: Scaled 1 through 5.  (1 being not worth the price and 5 being nicely priced)

Overall Score: 3 through 15 (15 being the best bang for your buck)

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Merona Bernice Taper Toe  Ona Scrunch Flats

Ona Scrunch flats in floralStudded Flats from Target Xhilaration Shae Black Flats