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The Arches Jewelry Collection Coming Soon

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Mark your calendars.  Actually  you won’t need to mark your calendars, if you are already on my list you get to shop my NEW collection first.   Now since this is a mini-collection I’ve only created a few of each piece, but if you have subscribed to my list you will have the opportunity to get your hands on it first before I open it up to the general public.  Sweet right?  Just be sure to check your email first thing Monday, September 21st.  Not on my list? Join it 

Over the weekend I had a blast at a photo shoot for the collection with the talented Christina Simkovich, who did her thing modeling my creations, along with photographer Okieto Campbell (yes, being married to a photography has its benefits).  Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of shots that I snagged with my iPhone.

Endless Smiles Photography


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