Setting Big Goals: My Journey to $100,000 in 90 Days

Article published at: Jul 9, 2024 Article author: Kamilah Campbell Article tag: handmade jewelry
Setting Big Goals: My Journey to $100,000 in 90 Days
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As the owner of The Pink Locket, I'm embarking on an ambitious journey to achieve $100,000 in jewelry sales within the next 90 days. Inspired by fellow jewelry designer Twyla Dill, who is currently undertaking a similar challenge, I'm determined to set and reach this significant goal for my business.

Setting the Stage for Success

During the month of June, I dedicated my time to thoughtfully considering the future of The Pink Locket. This period of reflection led me to discover Twyla Dill's challenge, where she aims to sell $100,000 worth of jewelry in just 55 days. Motivated by this endeavor, I decided to create my own challenge with a 90-day timeline.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing the Journey

I acknowledge that the challenge is daunting and that there are two possible outcomes: either I'll crush the goal or fall short. However, I believe that regardless of the outcome, the process will be a valuable learning experience. This challenge has prompted me to consider new strategies and practices that I haven't yet implemented in my business.

Leaning on Community Support

A key component of my strategy is to rely on the support of my community and customers. I emphasize the importance of positive vibes and encouragement throughout this journey. Whether it's sending uplifting messages, referring The Pink Locket to friends and family, or simply cheering me on, I know that my community's support will be crucial to achieving my goal.

Multiple Ways to Support The Pink Locket

I invite everyone to support me in various ways:

  • Shopping Online: You can explore The Pink Locket's unique jewelry collection on Additionally, my products are available on Amazon and Etsy for those who prefer shopping on these platforms.
  • Wholesaling: Retailers interested in carrying The Pink Locket's handmade nickel-free jewelry can take advantage of wholesaling options.
  • Pop-Up Events: Attending pop-up events is another great way to show support. I'll be participating in several pop-ups throughout the year, providing opportunities to see my creations in person.
  • Permanent Jewelry: With almost 20 years of experience working with metal, I've added Perpetual Bracelets (permanent bracelets) as a service. Book an appointment with me to get one.
  • Leave a Google Review: If you've shopped with me before and have had a wonderful experience leave a review on Google. These go a long way!

About The Pink Locket

The Pink Locket is a jewelry design company that specializes in creating handmade, nickel-free jewelry. Founded by me, Kamilah, the brand is known for its unique and stylish pieces that cater to individuals with sensitive skin. Each piece is crafted with care and precision, ensuring high-quality and beautiful designs. My mission is to provide customers with jewelry that not only looks great but also feels comfortable to wear.

Follow the Journey

I promise to provide regular updates on my progress throughout the 90-day challenge. I'm excited about the journey ahead and am grateful for any form of support I receive. Whether it's through direct purchases, spreading the word, or offering words of encouragement, every bit of support counts.

Join me in my quest to reach $100,000 in sales and watch The Pink Locket flourish. Wish me luck, and let's crush this goal together!

Feel free to follow The Pink Locket on Instagram and Facebook for more updates and insights into the 90-day challenge. Let's make this journey a successful and inspiring one!


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