Pack Light: Jewelry Tips for Vacations

Article published at: May 17, 2023 Article author: Kamilah Campbell Article tag: Care Tips
Pack Light: Jewelry Tips for Vacations
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Jewelry Summer Travel Tips
The weather is heating up and I'm sure so are your summer vacation plans. While traveling can get hectic your jewelry options should not. While I can’t help you with regard to delays, TSA lines, or retrieving your baggage, I can give you some advice on packing your jewelry. Here are my tips for traveling with your precious jewels this summer.
✨Choose only 3-4 pieces to carry with you. Pick ones that you can mix and match (e.g stacking rings also make beautiful pendants on chain necklaces).
✨If you want to take more than 3-4, try wearing some of the pieces you wish to mix and match with the day of travel.
✨DO NOT PACK JEWELRY IN YOUR CHECKED BAGS. Put them in your personal bag (e.g. backpack 🎒 or handbag).
✨Use small jewelry bags or pouches to put jewelry in. Pack chains ⛓ separate from each other.
✨Here's my recommendation on what to pack, 1 pair of large hoops, 1 statement ring, and 1 statement necklace.
✨On travel day wear 1 pair of stud earrings, 2 layering chain necklaces, and a cuff bracelet.
What summer 🏖⛰ 🏕 adventures are you taking this summer?
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