Be the loudest one cheering...for YOURSELF

Article published at: Jan 20, 2023 Article author: Kamilah Campbell Article tag: Jewelry
Be the loudest one cheering...for YOURSELF
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Today I Will Slay Gold Chain Necklace

I usually save storytelling to my IG posts every now and then, but I felt that this particular topic might be necessary. The other day I said to my 11-year-old, "Be your own damn cheerleader." Sorry, every now and again that extra oomph is needed with these youngsters.  I wasn't mad when I said it, but I said it with intention and meant every word.  There will be times when you will be the ONLY one cheering for yourself, and I say "cheer on!" I went on to tell him these 3 things:

💎 Learn to motivate yourself because you will spend half your life with people who will do the opposite of motivating you...DISTRACT you.

💎 ENCOURAGE yourself, it's nice for others to do it, but don't always expect it.

💎Keep simple reminders of motivation and encouragement around. This can be cards of affirmation, artwork, post-it reminders, or my favorite, jewelry.  

This saying "Today I Will Slay" started out on a jewelry dish and I decided, wouldn't this make a great phrase on a necklace?  Guess, what? Now it comes in 14kt gold-filled on this unique tube chain🤩.

I'd love to help keep you motivated and encouraged all year long! We can do this! There's nothing like a piece of jewelry as a friendly daily reminder.  Go snag yours, wear it and slay each and every day.

Get yours here 👇🏽:

Today I Will Slay


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