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The Pink Locket

Scorpio Zodiac Constellation Sterling Silver Disc Earrings

$ 59.00
SCORPIO - Water Sign (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
(Magnetic, Passionate, Trendsetting)

Scorpios are secretive by nature and may take time to open up, but when they do you find out what topics fascinate them easily.  Known as trendsetters, they are also very charismatic. They have the bravery and courage to face life's obstacles and continue to reinvent themselves.

These zodiac earrings are simple enough to wear every day and bold enough to add a little bit of edge to your overall look.  They also make a perfect gift for any occasion.  Created especially for each sign, constellations are hand stamped and fabricated on sterling silver discs which are then oxidized for a black color. 

Material(s): Sterling Silver (oxidized for black color then tumbled for shine)

Measurements:  7/8" wide

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