Top 10 Beauty and Skin Care Products I Swear By In My Thirties

Article published at: Oct 22, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: 30s
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Top 10 Beauty and Skin Care Products I Swear By In My Thirties
If there’s one thing I give women a heads up on before they enter their thirties, that is to be prepared for changes in their skin.  Entering my thirties my skin care regimen and products changed drastically.  Products that I used in my twenties, just did not work well with well…my “aging” skin.  Even the dreaded acne came back and I thought to myself who gets acne in their thirties.   Not only my face, but my overall skin seemed much drier than normal and I wanted that glow back.  After much trial and error I’ve settled on some products that happen to be working for me and wanted to share.  What’s even more of a plus is that these products work especially well during the winter season.  Here are my top ten beauty products that I swear by for my “thirties skin.”
1. Om Botanical One Step Face Wash
When I found this face wash, I felt like I had won the lottery.  Very few products do you see results right away.  After using this face wash, my adult acne cleared up within 3 weeks. It even helped to diminish minor scarring from my acne.  I wish I discovered this before spending $300 on medication at the dermatologist.  What I especially love about this product is that it’s all made from natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals whatsoever.  Also, it’s a face wash, exfoliater and toner in one step.
2. ConAir Steamer
This is the steamer I purchased, but really any steamer works.  Even small pot of hot water will work fine too. Steaming helped to put a lot of moisture back into my skin and it’s so relaxing to just sit there an allow your face to soak up the steam.
3. Medyskin Anti-Aging Eye Lift Beauty Oil
I was on the hunt for a good eye cream and came across this beauty oil in Marshall’s.  What I love most about this oil is that you do not need a lot, little goes a long way.  It’s helped to restore moisture around my eyes big time.
4. 40 Carrots Retinol- Rich Skin Care Moisture Surge
I remember reading somewhere that women should start using a cream with retinol when they turn 30, since it helps with repairing damaged skin and removing dead skin as well. This is another product where little goes a long way.  The cream goes on easy and makes my skin feel soft.  I use it at night and in the morning under my moisturizer.
5. Rosebud
My Rosebud tin stays with me at all times.  It has become a family favorite as well, helping to moisturize dry lips. Definite must have in your beauty arsenal.
6. Shea Butter
I love Shea Butter, the Shea Moisture brand I use on my youngest son all the time.  However, it works well for adults too.  Shea butter is definitely an all year round product to have.  It’s keeps your skin very soft and soft.
7. Maybelline Vivids
You know how lipstick has a tendency to make your lips dry.  Well not this one.  It almost felt like I was putting on chapstick actually because it was full of moisture, plus the color looked great.  A great choice when you’re in a rush, but still want to add a bit of color to your look.
8. Bobbi Brown Mascara
I’m allergic to mascara big time.  Before trying Bobbi Brown the only other brand I trusted was Origins.  Well Bobbi Brown Mascara passed my test, the formula works for me.  Since my mornings are always a rush, I try to at least add a little mascara to add to my natural look.
9. Pond’s BB Cream
There’s just something I love about BB creams.  This Pond’s brand was actually given to me and when I tried it I automatically became hooked to it.  I also loved that it worked well with my moisturizer and it helps to add a natural and clear look to your skin.
10. Coconut Oil
This is probably my favorite product of all.  Not only is it great for so many uses, but it doesn’t leave a flimy feel on your skin, it’s like your skin soaks it up.  I also use it to moisturize my hair and it works moisture wonders.  I even combine it with my shea butter in the winter time for extra moisture.
What are some of your beauty and skin care products that you keep in your arsenal?  Leave a comment, I’m always looking to try new things.