Count down til Jewelry Soiree

Article published at: Jun 2, 2008 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: Accessories
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Okay, The Pink Locket Shoppers in less than 6 days you’ll encounter the experience of a lifetime…The Pink Locket Jewelry Soiree.  I know that many of my favorite shoppers and potential shoppers will be logging on to get first dibs on an exclusive collection.  Our Summer Chic and Little Miss Pink lines have limited edition pieces that you will want to have in your own jewelry collection. 

Don’t forget free shipping and handling when you shop between the hours of 10pm June 7th and 10pm June 8th.  If that’s not an incentive enough then how about the $15 The Pink Locket gift certificate we’ll be giving away to a lucky shopper!!! Plus we’ll be giving a sneak peek at some of these exclusive jewelry pieces on Thursday, June 4th. 

Until next time….Shop Pink!