To: All the Sex and the City Fans!

Article published at: Jun 3, 2008 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: Accessories
All The Pink Locket

This past weekend women from all over could be found at one place.  Where you ask?  Try every movie theatre in the country.  Even an Atlanta radio personality joked that if men are looking to pick up women, the best spot to be is the movie theatre.  Like every woman I was too excited to see this long awaited film and I was very impressed.  After a successful weekend there are talks of even creating a sequel to the movie.  I’m sure we all noted the remarkable fashionable pieces that appeared in the movie.  One of the “must haves” for me was the high-heel gladiator sandals Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore.  I was so determined to find them until I checked my email on Monday morning and saw that one of my favorite UK store,, carries them.  Not only do they carry the sandals, but they have put together Carrie’s look with merchandise from their own store. Check it out !