Etsy Store of the Week: Daisy Cakes Soap

Article published at: Nov 12, 2008 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: beauty
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Have you ever took the time to read the ingredients on the back of a bar of soap or body wash.  Of course, it lists words that we cannot even pronounce.  It basically looks like a bunch of consonants and vowels thrown together.  The truth is if you cannot recognize the ingredients it’s probably not a product you should use.  This week’s Etsy Store of the Week is “Daisy Cakes Soap.”  Based out of Athens, Geogria Daisy Cakes Soap was created by Jean-Marie in 1999.  Jean-Marie creates natural based soaps by hand that won’t dry out your skin.  She also creates beautiful shapes out of her soaps.  Of course she’s no other than one of my fellow GA Etsy Street Team Members.  So check out Daisy Cakes Soap 

By:  Kamilah C.

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