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Article published at: Jun 19, 2009 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: Accessories
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Class Cuff Links

Class Cuff Links

It’s a great feeling to make a sale, but the feeling just goes through the roof when someone in a different country has an eye on your artwork.  My first international sale was from a friend of mine in Japan.  That was probably the most memorable jewelry piece I have ever designed.  It was called a “Memory Necklace.”  Spending so much time really sketching out the details, I was proud to see the finished piece.  

Just when I feel as though I’m not sure what’s next–the next thing happens.  You could only imagine the thoughts that ran through my head when I saw my Etsy Store sale from a customer in the UK.  What made it even more exciting was that it was one of my first men’s jewelry pieces I designed, cuff links.  Check out my Etsy Store for additional cuff links I’ve created.

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