Renewing, Re-organizing, Restoring

Article published at: Aug 6, 2013 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: atlanta
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For the past few weeks I’ve been taking the time out to enjoy a little bit of summer meanwhile trying to “renew” my mind, body & soul in addition to, major re-organization of my studio space and restoring certain aspects of the business.  Sounds like too much to chew right? Keeping up with all this and house of 5 plus 2 dogs does become challenging…everyday is truly an adventure.  The biggest project of all which is taking longer than anticipated is the re-organization of my studio space.  It’s true what they say, “You can accumulate a lot of s&%t” over the years.  With purging stuff, giving away stuff and finding functional efficient ways to organize things I realized I had to break this project up. I caught myself at one point just shifting junk and said you know what, today is going to be purging day which turned into days.  I’m so embarrassed to even post a pic of the before, however, if you check my IG page I did manage to give a sneak peek.  Realizing that I was going to need quite a few storage boxes and didn’t want to spend a single penny on a bunch.  I realized that Little Model A’s diaper boxes and leftover fabric would do just fine!

DIY Storage Boxes



While trying to complete this crazy cleanup and organization, I’ve signed up for Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21 day meditation challenge.  I’ve done the previous ones and it was soooooo great!  We all definitely need to rest our minds for a good 15 minutes a day.  It’s not too late to join, you’ll be glad that you did!  Day 1’s centering thought was “Today I’m open to the presences of miracles.”

Over the next couple weeks I’ll be ramping up for our Fall and Holiday/Winter Collection, stay tuned there’s so many lovely ideas!  In addition, this year we’ve re-designed our Pink Glory Ring for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so be sure to follow this blog to see when we unveil the new design.