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Are You A Huge Fan of Valentine’s Day?

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I wouldn’t consider myself a “HUGE” fan.  I know some people are probably thinking…REALLY?  It’s true, I was never the girl that “needed” to be taken out to dinner every year on the 14th of February.  If you want to buy me flowers, buy them for my birthday in April when the cost of them are significantly lower!  However, I’m not a party pooper and for me I love to see people go out and celebrate the “Day of Love.”  What I do like to see are the creative ways that people show their “love” for their partner or spouse.  There’s something that’s so special about “Personalized Love.”  Tailoring something or an idea specifically to a person’s interest, taste or likes is AWESOME.  For instance, if your mate likes tea maybe try creating a tea blend with his/her favorite flavors in a personalized package, similarly to Honeysuckle Tea Company or Adagio Teas .

This Valentine’s Day the jewelry piece I’ve created falls right into the “Personalized Love” category.  Engraved by hand, I’ve created a two tone silver and gold necklace with a gold brass bar pendant that can be customized to your lover’s liking.  I believe in giving gifts that are close to the heart! For more details please check out the listing on my Etsy site.

Personalized Love Gold and Silver Necklace


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