Make It Monday: Outdoor Living With Pallets Series – Part 2

Article published at: Jun 30, 2014 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: cinder blocks
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I have to admit these World Cup games have been interfering with my DIY projects, but since it only comes around every four years I completely welcome the distraction.  The next part of this series is showing how I assembled the pallets.  If you missed my Part 1 you can view it here .


Since my last post I decided to change around the setup a bit of my pallets. I was very fortunate to find pallets that needed very little altering.  The original idea was to have 2 pallets at the seat and 1 for the back, but after testing it out a bit I figured a higher seat would be much more comfortable. So I stacked 2 sets of 3 pallets each and pushed them together.

Pallet setup 1


Midway through this project I thought that the pallets needed a little company and came across some really great cinder block furniture ideas on Pinterest.  I decided to take a visit to Home Depot and pick up a few.  This is probably the easiest table you’ll ever construct.  Using the blocks and some liquid nail adhesive glue, I glued and stacked 2 of the blocks.

Cinder block Table

Cinder Block

Next came the top for the table.  Since I’m trying to maintain an economical budget for this project, I took a trip to good old Value Village (thrift store) and found a metal tray for only $1.00 and it was a perfect fit.  After rummaging through my cans of spray paint a I found a berry color that made a great accent color for this project.  This is what it turned out to look like.  By the way photo credit to my Little Model A he took the finished product picture all by himself–focused and all!

cinder block table collage

Next week is the even more fun stuff, I’ll be posting about the decor for this outdoor space.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay in the loop!