Make It Monday: Cleaning Your Uggs Boots

Article published at: Jan 26, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: cleaning suede
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Cleaning you Uggs - DIY

As we can tell winter is well underway and so is boot season.  With a blizzard getting ready to hit the Northeast your Uggs will need a good cleaning as you trudge through the snow, dirt and salt.  Now you do have the option of purchasing the Uggs cleaner, but if you are like me and didn’t purchase it I found that this process worked great.  There are some techniques posted on Youtube where you submerge the entire boot into water, however, I was a bit afraid to do that so I came up with this technique.  Hope you enjoy it.  Be sure to subscribe to my list for more tips, jewelry sales and DIY style looks.

Things Needed:

A spray bottle with water

Basin or bucket filled with 1/2 gallon of warm water

1 tsp of baby shampoo

1/4 cup of white vinegar

Bottle brush

An old clean towel

Suede protector spray

A few old washcloths or t-shirts or gift wrapping tissue paper

Cleaning Uggs Step 1

Step 1.

As you can see my Uggs just about “had it.” This is the result of going through 3 winter seasons without being cleaned at all!  The first thing you want to do is take the bottle brush and lightly brush any excess dirt off your boots.  Brush the boot in one direction gently away from you. Then spray entire boot with the spray bottle.  You want the boot to be nice and wet, but not drenched.

Cleaning Uggs step 2 and 3                                                 Step 2.

Add baby shampoo and vinegar to basin of warm water and take the bottle brush and give the mixture a nice stir.

Step 3.

Dip bottle brush back into mixture then lightly begin brushing the boot, re-dipping the brush as you work all the way around the boot.  Be sure to brush gently and in one direction moving away from you.

Step 4.

Allow boot to dry away from direct sunlight at room temperature resting on an old clean towel.  Be sure to stuff the boot with either an old t-shirt, washcloth or tissue paper to keep its form while drying.  It usually dries completely after 24 hours.

Step 5.

Spray suede protector over boots once they are completely dry.  Now you are good to go.

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